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Nichole Coscia - School Business Manager

John Danizio - Town Accountant/ Asst. Town Administrator

Paul Sagarino - Town Administrator

Katherine Bond - SBC Chair

Martha Simon - Vice Chair

Jeremy Brooks - SBC Member

Christine Monaco - SBC Member

Melissa Massardo - SBC Member

Eric Conti - Superintendent

Lisa Chen - Assistant Superintendent

Bob Cunha - Director of Operations

Mark Sullivan - BHS Principal

Joe Attubato - Director of Support Services

Doug Davison - Ways & Means

Neil Guanci - Maintenance Manager

Wendy Czerwinski - BHS Teacher

Laura Maida - BHS Teacher

Tom Regan - BHS Teacher

Gail Pinkham - BHS Parent

Colin Irwin - BHS Student

Esther Ma - BHS Student

Christopher Campbell - Ways and Meand Parent

Mimi Bix-Hylan - SBC Member

Dore + Whittier


Dore + Whittier (D+W) was established in 1992 to provide superior client-focused service on public and private design and construction projects. Today, the company consists of approximately 60 professionals with specialized skills, offering clients the highest level of expert knowledge and innovation in project delivery. D+W's disciplined and collaborative process is the foundation of the firm's success.

D+W's OPM group provides exceptional planning, guidance, and support of major building programs with teams consisting of Architects, Planners, Project Managers, and Construction Professionals who are carefully selected for each phase of the job for their expert knowledge. This blending of experience assures the very best talent and superior service for clients and the communities in which D+W works.

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Tappe Architects


Tappé Architects, Inc., was founded in 1979 as a continuation of the firm of Huygens and Tappé, originally begun in 1962. This ongoing practice is credited with more than 250 institutional and municipal projects as well as numerous private institutional, residential, and commercial commissions.

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